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Can I roll-over my IRA or other retirement accounts to invest with Maredin?


Yes. Maredin, along with help from Interactive Brokers, can assist any client in transferring or rolling-over any investment account.


How can I fund my account?


Accounts can be funded through checks, wire transfers or account transfers. Funds sent via wire or checks can be cleared rather quickly.  This will be done through your account management at Interactive Brokers.  For account transfers, you may also send over current holdings. If you wish to maintain any of these holdings we can do so. The rest of the positions will then be liquidated and we will reinvest the funds into positions we believe will help over the long-term.


Can payments to or transfers into my account at Interactive Brokers (that Maredin Wealth Advisors will manage) be made from my checking or other accounts?


Yes. We can set up regular, periodic transfers of a fixed dollar amount on a bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly basis.



How long will it take to get the reports I need for tax filing?


With Goodwin, Ibis, and Separately Managed Accounts, investors get their tax documents directly from Interactive Brokers. This usually occurs in early February.


Is Maredin only for US Investors?


At Maredin we are proud to offer investment vehicles that can help people anywhere in the World. We are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Is there a Minimum to invest with Maredin?


Yes, but the amount depends on the investment vehicle you choose. The minimum amount to open an account with Maredin is $200,000, although, depending on the unique situation, we can make exceptions.


Why our Manager's title is "Managing Partner”?


When we invest, our clients invest alongside us.  While in a technical sense they are clients, the term incorrectly presents a philosophical risk distinction: i.e. if someone is merely a client their concerns are likely secondary to one's one.  However, if we are partners, what affects you equally affects Maredin.  Since nearly all our personal funds are invested alongside our clients, we believe thinking of ourselves as Managing Partners better presents our clear motivation for mutually beneficial success.



What types of accounts can you work with?


We work with any of the follow account types:




Joint Accounts


Family Offices

Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UMGA)

Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA)

Hedge Funds

Mutual Funds



Why is Maredin in Miami?


Come to our next annual meeting (in March) and you will understand (ask us about where to stay and things to see while you’re here).



Who manages the funds?


All investments are managed by Marcelo Zinn.  Mr. Zinn has been managing individual portfolios and funds for 15 years with an exemplar record. Mr. Zinn graduated from the University of Miami (“The U”) with Deans List recognition.


He has lectured at the University of Miami and writes for several investing websites including the Manual of Ideas and SeekingAlpha. He resides in beautiful Miami, FL.


Mr. Zinn has virtually all of his family's liquid new worth invested in the funds he manages. He believes this is critical for investors to know as it highlights a key tenet of Maredin: investing along with your investors (i.e. “eating our own cooking”).



Who makes the investment decisions?


With Goodwin, Ibis, Cinder and Fort Maredin makes all the investment decisions.


Should you prefer to open a Separately Managed Account, your investment goals, investment experience, risk tolerance, and any other preferences will serve as the foundation of our recommended investment strategy.


If any partner should have interest in gaining a better understanding of an investment thesis for a specific investment, we are happy to provide that.  However, we are not able to handle portfolios that require partner approval every time a decision is made.



Where is the money held?


All Separately Managed Accounts are held in each partners (“clients”) own name at Interactive Brokers (or another custodian).  Maredin is only granted trading permission.


Information on Interactive Brokers can be found at  We highly recommend you take the time to get to know them.



What type of securities do you invest in?


Maredin has an open mandate (with the exception of Separately Managed Accounts) to invest in any type of investment, as long as it meets our strict criteria for investment.  Our criterion is covered in depth in the philosophy section.



How do we communicate?


We email and phone our clients on a regular basis.  Clients are also encouraged to contact us at any time they wish to discuss any matter.  Separately Managed Accounts will receive a monthly statement directly from Interactive Brokers.  Furthermore, Maredin generally issues a quarterly letter to all investors covering a range of topics. 

Additionally, we are available to meet with partners and to discuss performance, etc.., year round. We also have e-mails, blogs, and news articles we send out several times a year. 



What Investment Services does Maredin Provide?


We review each clients overall goals, objectives, and risk tolerance and recommend the appropriate investment strategy.

For Separately Managed Accounts, we tailor the account to suit each partner. 


If a client is looking for long-term capital appreciation (growth), we decide which combination of Goodwin and Cinder would best suit them.

For fixed income, dividends, interest, etc., Ibis or Fort, would be the best fit.

Many accounts consist of come combination of all our model portfolios as well as some individually tailored investments.

We obviously continually monitor our portfolios and accounts, the economy, and the markets, and adjust investments accordingly. 



How can I invest with Maredin?


The process of working with Maredin is covered in the Open Account Link Here

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