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How to Invest

There are a few simple steps to invest with Maredin Capital Advisors. 


1. Print, fill out, sign, and email the Client Account Agreement to  

2. The print, fill out, sign, and email the Investment Policy and KYC to


3. Contact us at, and let us know you are interested in investing with Maredin. 


4. After receiving your call or email, along with the supporting documents (client agreement and investment Policy and KYC) we will send you an email from Interactive Brokers to open your investment account. If you have any questions while completing the Interactive Brokers investment account application contact us and we will assist in that process.


5. In addition to receiving an email from IB to open your account, you will receive an email from Maredin which includes some important supporting documents for you to review.


6. After the completing the client Account Agreement, Investment Policy and KYC, and the investment account application at Interactive Brokers, the account will need to be funded.  This can be done directly online through Interactive Brokers (account transfer, wires, etc..), or you can send a check directly to Interactive Brokers.


      To contact Interactive Brokers via phone, use 1-877-442-2757 (Toll Free).


7. Once your account is open and funded, we will contact you to review your Investment Policy and KYC, and ensure your strategic plan and allocation targets are aligned so as to meet your financial goal(s). Maredin will then begin to implement the allocation targets and you are on your way!

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