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Multi-Family Office and Financial Quarterback

Maredin Wealth Advisors is, functionally, a multi-family office that focuses on being your "financial quarterback."  We work diligently to ensure we address all aspects of one's financial future. This includes Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Advisory, Estate Planning, Business Succession, Insurance, Tax Advisory, and anything else that could directly impact a persons Wealth.  With all of these factors, we believe an undervalued aspect is the importance of having a single point of contact that people trust and are confident will be there whenever needed.

A significant benefit in working with MWA is that all clients know exactly who will be there to help them in their time of need; certain that whatever is required, irrespective of time or day, the Maredin will be there to help.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan helps individuals and families have a clear idea of what their financial picture looks like. For most people, their finances constitutes lots of pieces of information that are usually spread out. 

At MWA, we take all the various information pieces (401K, assets and liabilities, earnings power (current and future income), inheritance, business ownership, budgeting, and anything else) and create a mosaic that allows people to better make decisions about what they want, and need to do, to attain their financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Everyone has a unique perspective on what a perfect retirement consists of, and there is no right or wrong, only what makes you happy. At MWA, we strive to help you craft and execute the ideal Retirement Plan so that you can have your dreams.

In order to attain your future retirement goals, its critical that you start planning as early as possible. Time is the enemy, and the only way to combat time is to start today. 

If you've already started, congratulations! The next step is to be certain that you not only have the right plan, but that the investment decisions being made will be able to deliver your goals.  At MWA, our experience, knowledge, and skills, provide us a unique ability to help you attain your retirement goals.

Estate Planning

Given how hard you have worked to build an estate, you probably have some clear ideas about what you want your Estate to accomplish.  This can be as simple as transferring some real estate to your heirs, to the most highly complex of plans. 

The key first step is to detail everything in a financial plan.  We collaborate with our clients to understand exactly what they want those resources to accomplish and identify and gaps or issues that could create a current or future problem. Once this is understood, we identify the best legal structures, investment vehicles, tax tools, insurance products, and other solutions that will deliver the best solution.

.Some of the key things or team can assist with are: 

  • Establish legacy objectives

  • Determine the distribution of assets

  • Help mitigate estate-tax liabilities (both now and in the future).

  • Protect standards of living 

  • Assist with charitable giving

  • Financially protect heirs from divorce and legal action

  • Help preserve and protect wealth for future generations

As is generally required, the ideal solutions usually consist of working with numerous professionals in order to craft the perfect plan. This can be highly complex and time consuming, but as highlighted above, this is where  MWA shines.  Having a single point of contact at MWA helps our clients stress less, as they know MWA is focused on ensuring the correct coordination and implementation of their plan to help boost wealth and preserve assets, is being done to the highest standards.

Investment Advisory

The key factors of investment advisory is the understanding of individual investment opportunities, the market environment, business cycle, asset allocation, time horizon, and risk preferences. 

While all of these factors are important, it is your short and long-term goals, combined with the current market environment that really drives our investment advice. 

The process of collaboration is critical in helping ensure our clients are happy. Developing a tailored solution consists of MWA understanding all the variables and seeking the best opportunities that are available and acceptable to our clients. 

Our unique investment platform consists of external and internal vehicles that can be utilized to deliver the perfect solution to our clients.  To better understand exactly what this means for you, contact us and we'll be happy to explain in greater detail.

Business Succession

Building a successful company takes immense drive, time, leadership, and execution. When looking at protecting the business and heirs set to inherent the company, or proceeds from a sale, entrepreneurs/owners must navigate a unique set of challenges to protect their estates and legacy. It is precisely in helping with these situations where Maredin thrives, and having an objective advisor can be so valuable.


Helping coordinate the various financial and familial decisions can be an emotionally and financially confusing time for many entrepreneurs and their family, and many tough decisions must be evaluated and made. 

It is important to have a "sounding board" to coordinate between your estate, investment, tax, retirement, and all other aspects that can effect a family, and our team knows the right questions to ask, common mistakes to avoid, and important tools available, to assist in ensuring that all your personal and family goals will be reached.


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