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In determining a company’s intrinsic value our research focuses on Security Analysis. We research a multitude of publicly traded corporations, funds, and debt worldwide, that is selling for 40%-60% below their estimated intrinsic value, and select them for investment. Company’s we look at for investment may have one or more of the following characteristics or situations:

  • Low Price to Book Value

  • Low Price to Earnings Ratio

  • Under appreciated Future Earnings Power

  • Significant Decline in Stock Price

  • Attractive Dividends

  • Insider Buying

  • Good Management

  • Low Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Share Repurchases

  • Strong Competitive Moat

  • Consistent Positive Earnings

  • Strong Future Prospects

  • Possible or Current Spin-off

  • Undergoing a Merger or is an Acquisition Target

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