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Who We Are

Maredin Wealth Advisors (Maredin) is a boutique, independent, Registered Investment Advisor, based in Miami, Florida.  It was founded in 2005 by Marcelo Zinn and is based on the Value Investing philosophy founded by Benjamin Graham and popularized by his most famous student Warren Buffett.


At Maredin we pride ourselves on delivering financial services/products which help people and firms attain their financial goals.  This is done through consultation with our clients, independent research and analysis, and a clear focus on long-term results. 


Maredin manages Separately Managed Accounts ("SMA") which are individually tailored accounts based on risk tolerance and goals. Each portfolio is intended for a specific audience yet share the same manager and philosophy.


Maredin's Model Portfolio's:

  • The Goodwin Portfolio is ideally suited for investors looking for long-term capital growth.

  • The Ibis Portfolio is specifically managed to deliver investment income in the form of dividends and interest.

  • The Cinder Portfolio is focused on equity growth from ETF's, Mutual Funds, and other sources.

  • The Fort Portfolio is designed to provide dividend and interest income from ETF's, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and other sources , rather than from individual investment selections.


(For a detailed explanation of each of our funds/portfolios and Separately Managed Accounts go to the Funds/Portfolio link which is under the Investor Center tab, or click here.)


In Goodwin, Ibis, Cinder and Fort, we manage individual, joint, business, savings, and retirement accounts (All IRA's, 401k's, Roth, Rollover, SIMPLE IRA, SEP). 


There are numerous benefits in working with Maredin to attain your financial goals. Make sure you check out the "Why Maredin" link under the About Us tab, or click here to learn all the great reasons why people enjoy working with Maredin.

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