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Services We Provide

Clients of Maredin have several, equally good choices regarding how their money can be managed. The decision boils down to what the client's financial goals are and the amount of input clients want to have in how their account is managed.  Whether you prefer to be active or passive in the design of your portfolio, we will work with you to create the right plan.


Financial goals are based on where one is today, and where one wants to be by a given date.  To accomplish these goals (there can be more than one), a strategic plan needs to be developed and that would start with a financial review.  After the review, Maredin and the client will jointly put together the strategic plan to reach that goal, and then Maredin will implement the plan.


Depending on the goals that are set, clients generally look to invest in one of two products/services:


  • They will either choose one of the "client passive" vehicles (one of our four named funds), which are designed to provide clients the long term growth they are looking for, which can assist with their financial goals, or; 

  • They will choose a "client active", Separately Managed Account ("SMA") that will be individually tailored to match the investment philosophies and/or preferences of the client. SMA accounts are generally split (client decides allocation %) between our Goodwin (long-term growth) and Ibis (Income/Dividends) Portfolios, though with SMA’s, there are few limitations as to how a portfolio can be constructed.


Importantly, these two options can be combined.  For example, if one is looking for growth and income/dividends, we can invest part of their capital in one of the named funds, and invest the remainder in an SMA. This allows the client to attain multiple financial goals.


Additionally, thanks to Interactive Brokers “open architecture” financial platform that we use, Maredin is able offer to nearly any mutual fund, ETF, bond, stock, or comparable investment offering that one might wish to invest in.


Clients will stay with and come to Maredin because of the flexibility of what we offer, the values we subscribe to, and the results that we attain. 


For a detailed explanation of each of our funds/portfolios and the Separately Managed Accounts, go to the Funds/Portfolio link under the Investment Center tab, or click here.

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