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Our Values

Value Creation

Maredin’s focus on value creation is at the core of everything we do. We understand how hard people work to provide for their families and save for their future. This is why we are driven to both preserve capital and grow the funds through proper risk management, due diligence, and applying investing skill.



At the core of Maredin’s culture are relationships.  Maredin was founded as a family business. We believe in working together, and for one another.  Maredin is not only committed to helping generate successful investment results, but equally as important, building and sustaining long-term relationships.



Integrity is paramount at Maredin. That is why "we do what we say, and say what we do", and why we have elected to become fiduciaries. We firmly believe that our reputations are everything. They take years to build and can be easily destroyed in seconds.



Few things in this world irk us more than the inability to accept responsibility.  This is why we value accountability so highly.  We work very hard and do what we believe is best at all times, knowing we are accountable for our decisions and actions. We know this may go against the grain at times but we accept this responsibility as part of our duty to do what is best for our clients.



We are, by nature, fiercely independent. While we are always open to people's opinions and views, we only take action based on our independent judgment. Independence allows our conscience to remain clear of the conflicts of interest and non-fiduciary behavior that many large financial firms possess. Independence is vital to our long-term success.

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